When you choose to stock your fridge with Galliker’s, you’re choosing
the freshest products available – all made close to home.

We ensure only the highest quality, from the minute our milk leaves our Western Pennsylvania farms to the early-morning delivery to your supermarket...
always kept fresh in our Lightsafe Yellow Jug.

That’s why at Galliker’s, our commitment is to put goodness in everything we do.
We’re proud to have made the products you, your parents and your parents’ parents have grown up on. Make FRESH your choice.
Pick up any of our Galliker’s products at a store near you.




    Cool, creamy, and with nothing artificial, Galliker’s milk is a nutritional powerhouse....



    When you’re in the mood for a refreshing thirst quencher, reach for one of our iced teas or fruit drinks....



    Galliker’s delicious French Onion Dip is everyone's favorite and perfect for any occasion....