Iced Tea & Juice

Galliker’s is proud to make western Pennsylvania’s #1 selling iced tea! This statement is based on actual sale figures - our Lemon Tea and Diet Lemon Tea have outsold our competitors consistently for decades, but our customer’s incredible loyalty and support is how we really measure it.

Why are we the best? The reason is simple - all of our teas are made with filtered water, real tea leaves, premium sweeteners, and no preservatives. This perfect blend of ingredients makes Galliker’s tea taste the best. And no matter your taste, you’re bound to find a Galliker’s Iced Tea that’s sure to become your new favorite.

50/50 Iced Tea & Lemonade

For those who enjoy the sweetness of iced tea and the tartness of lemonade, our refreshing 50/50 blend of Galliker’s Iced Tea and Lemonade is the perfect combination of the two traditional favorites. It’s also available in a low-calorie diet option!

Orange Juice

Start every day with the sweet n’ tart taste of our 100% pure orange juice, bursting with Vitamin C.